Monday, 13 June 2011

Valkyries News!

Valkyries score bushel of touchdowns



Discreet sessions on the playground gave Julie Paetsch her first up-close look at dodging and tackling.

Those early lessons held up nicely, which she demonstrated Sunday when the Saskatoon Valkyries thrashed the visiting North Winnipeg Nomads-Wolfpack 78-6 in women's tackle football action at Griffiths Stadium.

"I grew up playing with the boys - you go out at recess, you play touch when the teachers are looking at you and you play tackle when they're not," Paetsch said after playing both linebacker and tailback during the lopsided Western Women's Canadian Football League game.

"I learned it young, and it's always been a favourite of mine. When I got the opportunity (to play for real), it was just yeah, for sure. I'll totally do it."

Paetsch, who also plays hockey for the University of Saskatchewan Huskies, got just four carries at tailback Sunday, but those totes netted 120 yards and three touchdowns, including one from 56 yards out.

She also collected two tackles and an assist at linebacker. Read full story...