Monday, 7 May 2012

Valkyries News!

Defending champion Valkyries expect to be targeted

Driving rain and wind couldn't stop the Saskatoon Valkyries from taking the field Saturday night for their green and white scrimmage.
With just a week until the season opener, head coach Jeff Yausie was impressed with the team's progress.
"That was the best I've seen the team yet," he said.
Although the defending Western Women's Football League champions have been practising for more than two months, this was the first time they experienced gamespeed situations. According to Yausie, scrimmaging is key to preparing for the pace of a real game.
"We try to practise at as high intensity as we can, but it's never as high intensity as the game," he said.
Going full speed also gives the coaching staff a chance to see what areas of the team need the most attention in the final run-up to the season. During the scrimmage, the Valkyries' receivers had some trouble, with some very catchable balls ending up on the turf. However, Yausie wasn't willing to use the wet conditions as an excuse.
"Catching the ball is easy in practice, but when someone's coming to hit you it's a whole different animal. We need to catch the ball better and I know the coaches are working hard on it and the players are working hard on it," he said.
Last year's team completely dominated the competition, outscoring opponents 305-27 over the course of six undefeated games.Read more...