Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Valkyries keep winning streak alive against Fearless
By Morgan Modjeski, Metro Saskatoon

After a 47-0 win against the Manitoba Fearless, the Saskatoon Valkyries say they’re confident they can keep up the momentum when they face their regional rivals, the Regina Riot in two-weeks time.
The Valkyries dominated the Fearless scoring a total of six touchdowns—two in the first quarter, two in the second quarter, and one in each of the remaining quarters. The Fearless tried to play an offensive game, but couldn’t keep up with the 2011 Western Women’s Canadian Football League champions.
Jeff Yausie, head coach of the Valkyries said he was pleased with the team’s performance against the Fearless, adding he wants to see the same kind of play in their upcoming game against the Riot.
“The provincial rivalry is huge now,” said Yausie. “I think the Riot has improved a lot over the season so we’ll see what happens.”
He said the team’s offensive play has been strong and he thinks both a strong offense and defense working together will be key to the team’s success.
“A little bit of good offense is a good defense too,” said Yausie. “Our defense kept getting the ball back and our offense had good field position…we have a balanced offense, we can run and we can throw, so really we can dictate to what a defense is doing. So if they’re giving us one thing, we’ll attack the other thing.”
He continued, “A balanced offense is a tough thing to defend and I think the rest of the league is finding that out.”Read more...