Thursday, 12 July 2012

Valkyries in the news

Lethbridge Steel coach sees 

Valkyries as model team

The Lethbridge Steel would love to squash one of their inspirations this weekend — and vice-versa.
The Steel and Saskatoon Valkyries will square off in Saturday’s Western Women’s Canadian Football League final at Griffiths Stadium (7 p.m. start), but there’s a wrinkle to their relationship. Even though they’ve never played each other formally, Steel head coach Jamie Fisher views the Valkyries as a model franchise and a team he’d like to pattern his own after.
“When I first started, I said ‘who’s the team to beat?’ We try to replicate a lot of the things Saskatoon has in place,” Fisher said Thursday. “They’re the cream of the crop, for sure.”
The two-year-old Valkyries have never lost a game, and they crushed their competition this season. They won regular-season games by scores of 36-6, 58-12, 47-0 and 35-16 before pounding the Manitoba Fearless 56-0 in the opening playoff round.
Saskatoon’s toughest test came a week later, when they beat the Regina Riot 35-21 in the Prairie Conference final — a game Valkyries head coach Jeff Yausie welcomed happily.
“In football, you want to face adversity,” Yausie said. “That’s part of the game. We want the girls to have to struggle, and they did in that game. It refocused the girls. When you’re blowing everybody out, you don’t have to focus that hard.”
Yausie said his team has staged their best practices of the season in the wake of that win over Regina.
Like the Valkyries, Lethbridge has put an emphasis on recruiting locals who perform well in other sports. And like Saskatoon, Lethbridge is unbeaten this season.
But their scores in the Western Conference were much closer: They won 19-6, 16-14, 19-14, 41-6 and 20-0 in the games leading up to this weekend’s clash against Saskatoon.
They’ll field a roster of 22 players Saturday, including 14 first-years. Saskatoon expects to have 36 players in its lineup.Read more...