Monday, 4 March 2013

Valkyries 2013 Schedule

The 2013 WWCFL season and the schedule has now been released. The WWCFL schedule is slightly different from previous seasons to allow for the Women's World Football Championship in Finland starting June 28th.

Regular Season
May 5, 2013: Winnipeg Nomads at Saskatoon Valkyries, 1:30 p.m. at Griffiths Stadium.
May 5, 2013: Manitoba Fearless at Regina Riot.
May 12, 2013: Winnipeg Nomads at Manitoba Fearless.
May 12, 2013: Saskatoon Valkyries at Regina Riot, 1 p.m. at Taylor Field.
May 19, 2013: Regina Riot at Winnipeg Nomads.
May 19, 2013: Saskatoon Valkyries at Manitoba Fearless, TBA.
May 26, 2013: Regina Riot at Saskatoon Valkyries, 2 p.m. at Griffiths Stadium.
June 2, 2013: Manitoba Fearless at Winnipeg Nomads.
Prairie Conference Final
June 9, 2013: 2nd Place vs. 1st Place, TBA
June 15, 2013: Prairie Conference Champion vs. Western Conference Champion in Regina.

*updated as of April 3rd.