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Updated: May 5, 2018

Under all of that red and black is the heart of a Valkyrie.

When his girlfriend, Dallis, joined the Valkyries Football team in 2016, Evan Johnson became an avid Valkyries fan.

The next season, he took it a step further and joined the staff as an Offensive Line coach.

"Once I started [coaching], I really loved helping others to get out there and compete and have fun playing the same sport that I enjoy playing. I was able to pass on knowledge and help players to develop and I enjoy the strategic side of coaching a team!"

Johnson is not just a great coach, but an incredible player and after 5 years with the University of Saskatchewan Huskies, Johnson was chosen in the first round of the CFL draft; 9th overall by the Ottawa Redblacks. Unfortunately for the Valkyries, this meant a​ bittersweet farewell before the end of the Valkyries' 2017 season. Johnson left for camp in Ottawa before the Valkyries would face WWCFL playoffs in the 2017 season. But as the saying goes, "Once a Valkyrie, always a Valkyrie."

We are very proud of Coach Johnson and his accomplishments! Despite missing him on our Valkryies' sidelines, we are cheering him on with great pride. (Unless the Redblacks are playing the Riders, of course.)

#ThanksCoach #HeartofaValkyrie

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