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MARCI HALSETH #19 2011-2016

Leading up to our Annual Alumni game on May 11th, 2019, we will be sharing some interviews with Alumni! First up is Marci Halseth (nee Kiselyk).

How did you hear about the Valkyries?

A friend of mine helped get the team started.

What years did you play Valkyries? 2011-2016

What was your jersey number?


What is your occupation?


What sports have you played? Where?

We have the information regarding what sports you've played, but we'd love to know where you've played and with whom!

Huskie Basketball 2006-2011

What is your favourite memory from your time as a Valkyrie?

I have two: the first league championship in Lethbridge back in 2011, and getting back to the top in 2016 after losing in the semifinals the year before.

Did you play any football outside of Valkyries?

Team Sask? Team Canada?

Team Sask in 2012 and 2016; Team Canada in 2013 and as a coach in 2017.

Are you involved with any football now? If so, at what capacity?

(Do you coach? Do you play flag/touch?)

I play both flag and touch football. I also coach the juniors at my school and am involved with the Rush flag football league.

How have the Valkyries influenced our community?

There are women and girls involved in football at so many levels in Saskatoon. The overall football membership for females has increased by the hundreds. I rarely come across people who haven’t heard of women in football. Much of that has to do with the Valkyries’ good self-promotion, the incredible media support, and the willingness of men in the football community to accept this program as legitimate.

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