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Updated: May 5, 2018

I started playing football this year with the Valkyries, not knowing what I was getting myself into. I hadn't been able to attend fall camp but I had set my mind to learning and playing football. A sport I love to watch and potentially should have stuck with just watching, but I wanted to experience it for myself. So I signed up, wrote the cheques, picked up my gear, and I was ready to give it my best! The first few practices I was completely lost, but there was always a helping hand or a smiling face of a teammate or coach encouraging and teaching me the correct movements. As time went on I felt more and more confident in my knowledge base and before we knew it spring had arrived, which meant outside practices!!! Unfortunately I was injured during our first outdoor practice and that ended my football career for 2017. Well that wasn't going to stop the spirit of a Valkyrie, any injured player is still encouraged to come to practices and learn from the sidelines or help the team in other ways.

All of the practices led up to our first pre-season game at home vs Edmonton Storm. The

atmosphere at the stadium, in the locker room and on the field was absolutely addicting! There truly is no accurate description of the intense excitement that takes over. The team put together a great win for our pre-season and we were ready for our first regular season game the following week. After each game there are more practices to improve on skills and areas that are studied from film session practices. The season progressed week after week with road trips to Regina and Winnipeg. Then a final road trip to Regina to play off in the east division finals to see who would play for all the glory. It was a hard fought battle and though we were defeated on the field in Regina, that didn't stop the drive and determination of the team and staff. The Valkyries hosted the WWCFL Playoffs on June 10th, at SMF Field under beautiful conditions and played in the 3rd place playoff game vs the Edmonton Storm. A great game against our opponents resulted in a Valkyries win to clench 3rd place.

There were many social outings to attend with this amazing group of ladies. From Fundraisers and Rookie night, to Sunday Fundays and random get togethers the team is as much about friendship and supporting each other as it is about hard work on the field. Overall I really enjoyed my rookie season as a Valkyrie and would encourage anyone thinking of trying it to come out to fall camp and see how amazing this experience can be for yourself!

Valkyries Fall Camp is on September 30th 2017 3-5PM at Griffiths Stadium and Sunday, October 1st 9-11AM at SMF in Saskatoon! Sign up here!

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