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Updated: May 5, 2018

Both hailing from the Hilltops roster and both in their 4th season with the team, Liam Murphy and James Vause stepped up in 2017 to join the ranks of elite Valkyries' coaching staff.

Even though he is new to the staff, Liam Murphy is no stranger to Valkyries football. His sister, Kelsey Murphy #85 has been on the team for 5 seasons. "my sister plays and I gotta bug her and my dad's a trainer so it's in the fam." All joking aside (although wherever he goes, laughter and

goofiness is sure to follow), Murphy coaches for a purpose, "I love the game and I think it's important for women all around Canada to have the same sporting opportunities that we do".

Murphy shares his experience wearing #26 as a running back for the Hilltops to prepare the Valkyries' running backs for battle.

James Vause may not have a family member on the team, but was familiar with the Valkyries from knowing long-time vet, Jaime Lammerding. Vause represents the "dark-side" of the Hilltops roster, playing as a defensive back but moonlighting as kicker. Vause came to the Valkyries to coach the defensive backs, and instantly stepped into his role with ease.

When asked why he coaches for the Valkyries, his answer: "To change my perspective on the game of football while being surrounded by a great group of coaches and players."

Both Murphy and Vause are students at the U of S, and we are so thankful for the hours that they share with our team. We know that playing for the Hilltops and being full-time students is a huge time commitment. Because of this, the Valkyries couldn't be more grateful for the time they have given to our team. We hope this first season with the Valkyries was just the first of many.


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