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Updated: May 9, 2019

May 7th, 2019

Cori Thorstad

The Saskatoon Valkyries started off the regular season with a big win over the Winnipeg Wolfpack on our home turf at Saskatoon Minor Football Field with a final score of 57-0. The Valkyries offence started off the game by marching the field and ending the drive with #88 Sarah Wright running the ball in for a touchdown. The offence had another great series ending it with a touchdown pass from #15 Alex Eyolfson to #28 Ricki Obed. The Valkyries continued their scoring run after a phenomenal punt return from #85 Kelsey Murphy putting the offence on the Wolfpack’s 21 yard line with #22 Sam Matheson running the ball in for another touchdown on their third offensive series of the game. The first quarter included another touchdown pass from #15 Alex Eyolfson to #17 Haley Girolami. In the second quarter the Valkyries continued to score with a second touchdown for running back #22 Sam Matheson as well as a touchdown pass from #12 Reed Thorstad to #16 Olivia Woo. #28 Ricki Obed also got her second touchdown of the game with a huge run. The Valkyries defence had a great game not only holding the Wolfpack to 0 points but also forcing the Wolfpack’s offence back into tough situations and setting the Valkyries offence up in great positions allowing the team to capitalize on scoring opportunities. The defence had some impressive plays including a fumble recovery from #24 Ehjae Chan after a hard tackle from #2 Beth Lalonde forcing the Wolfpack to fumble. The Wolfpack were also forced to take a safety putting an extra two points on the board for the Valkyries. Rookie #55 Danaye Holynski had a big game with both a sack and a fumble recovery in the second quarter. Valkyries kicker #7 Rienna Reuve capitalized on every opportunity for points, including a punt into the end zone for an extra point as well as success with field goal kicks. The Wolfpack defence held the Valkyries to 3 points in the second half for a final score of 57-0.

The Valkyries will host the Regina Riot at Saskatoon Minor Football field on Saturday, May 11 at 7PM. Come cheer on the Valkyries as they take on their provincial rivals!

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