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Cori Thorstad

Before every game a “Treat of the Week” is chosen by our coaching staff and announced on

Game Day. This term was endearingly coined by Head Coach Pat Barry, and it seems to have

stuck with the team. The player chosen is someone who has demonstrated excellent leadership, guidance, and a positive attitude throughout the season and they are named captain for one game. The “Treat of the Week” for our final regular season game against the Regina Riot was Emmarae Dale. Emmarae is twenty one years old and is currently studying Kinesiology at the university of Saskatchewan as well as nannying for her niece and two nephews.

Here are some fun facts about our “Treat of the Week”:

1. How long have you been playing and what positions have you played?

I’ve been playing for 4 years as a linebacker.

2. What does being a valkyrie mean to you?

To me, being a Valkyrie means that you always rise to the occasion, no matter what the situation is, and that you play with heart. It means sisterhood, family, and being role models for girls and women, and anyone really, in our community.

3. How has football changed your life?

Football has made me into a better person. It has taught me so much both on and off the field, and there is just nothing that quite compares to this sport . It instills confidence, positivity, and that we can really do anything we put our minds to. Ahh I love football!!!!

4. Do you have a game day routine? What is it?

I just try to relax and chill out as much as I can beforehand, and grab a booster juice. Once I’m at the field, I’ll try to jam to a few songs in the change room to get some jitters out, and one weird particular thing that I do is put my cleats on left to right! I’m not sure why, I just always have

5. What other sports do you play/watch?

I am on the track and field team with the Huskies, and I’m also on flag and touch teams. And I come from a pretty big sports household so we’ll pretty much watch anything.

6. What are you looking forward to this year?

To finishing my last year of Kin!

7. If you could be any occupation what would it be?

I just heard about this rosé company that will pay you to travel and drink their wine… And all

you have to do is Instagram with the wine to promote it. I could definitely see myself happily

doing that hahah

8. What colour best describes your current mood?

A light mauve.

9. How many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth?

I’m gonna say 8???

10. Which player is the worst to room with on the road?

Devyn Peters. No reason, just because.

Beth Lalonde, who is currently in her ninth year with the Valkyries, commented on our “Treat of the Week” saying, “Emmarae Dale is a spectacular athlete with natural leadership

skills. She uses her speed and strength to dominate opposition offence. Her passion and love for football is evident everyday.”

Stay tuned for next week’s “Treat of the Week”.

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