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Updated: May 22, 2019

May 9th, 2019 - Sarah Wright

Meet our “Treat of the Week”… Betsy Mawdsley.

Before every game a “Treat of the Week” is chosen by our coaching staff and announced on Game Day. This term was endearingly coined by Head Coach Pat Barry, and it seems to have stuck with the team. The player chosen is someone who has demonstrated excellent leadership, guidance, and a positive attitude throughout the season and they are named captain for one game.

The “Treat of the Week” for our first regular season game against the Winnipeg Wolfpack was Betsy Mawdsley. Betsy is thirty one years old from Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. She is a physiotherapist and has just recently become a mother to a baby boy named William.

Here are some fun facts about our “treat of the week”:

1. How long have you've been playing and what positions have you played?

This is my fourth year playing with the Saskatoon Valkyries. I first started at defensive end and now I play offensive tackle.

2. What does being a valkyrie mean to you?

I started Valkyries right as I moved to Saskatoon so it has in many ways become my family in this city. I also used to compete full time in skiing so this team helped fill a void that I had when I left skiing.

3. How has football changed your life?

I am not a small human. For me football has allowed me to have pride in my size rather than constantly trying to be a smaller version of my 6’1” self.

4. Do you have a game day routine? What is it?

My routine is to have no routine. I play well when I enjoy what I’m doing. My pre game is laughing with teammates and generally just keeping it relaxed and fun.

5. What other sports do you play/watch?

I watch cycling, biathlon and football. I still ski when I can. I used to do biathlon full time and still have my gun... just saying

6. What are you looking forward to this year?

Championship number six 😉

7 If you could be any occupation what would it be? Honestly I love my job. Like on a concerning level love my job. But I mean I guess .com billionaire. Who really wants to work?

8. What colour best describes your current mood? Orange! Why not?

9. How many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth? More than 7 less than 12.

10. Which player is the worst to room with on the road? Me, I talk in my sleep... loudly

Kelsey Murphy, who is currently in her sixth year as a player and second year as a captain, commented on our “treat of the week,” Betsy, saying: “She strikes a great balance between a serious hard working attitude while also being fun and easy to talk to! She is a versatile and selfless teammate that will play where ever the team needs her most!”

Stay tuned for next week's “Treat of the Week”.

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